Instrument Safety Fees Must Be Attached When The Auction Project 

The Ministry of public works and Housing (PUPR) latest policy in 2019 will require safety costs to enter the Government auction component. This aims to minimize and monitor work accident often happens in government projects lately. The Director General of the Ministry of Construction PUPR Bina Sharif Burhanudin mentions his side will do a revision of related safety policy project before Yes stated in ministerial regulation PUPR Number 31-year 2015. Later policy safety (K3) will stand alone as its own rule in the guidelines of construction services. This revision aims to let party auction winner projects or contractors will not be ignored this component as the implementation of various projects running. The fact that until recently the safety work is still often overlooked, fatalnya is sure to have just the accidents caused by negligence. According to Sharif Burhanudin until now also being done acceleration certification experts to really minimize accidents of human resources. Until recently estimated there are 148 thousand new experts who recently have certificates, ranging from installation, concrete K3, electricity, and more. Whereas from 8.1 million construction labor, these experts were able to be said over 2 million people. While 6 million remaining is skilled only. Some sectors did indeed become very prone to when dealing with safety, construction workers, electricians, even up to mining. Safety to be one of the main things in the work of the project. The following is an example of a work accident that happened the last few months and suck up public concern is the construction of the LRT White Wood collapsed and crashed in East Jakarta and resulted in 11 people injured. Then the case beam grinder in Depok Toll Project – collapsed due to Former human error. Kecelakan work is being concentrated on the Government to improve project performance and cracking down on rogue contractors less regard for safety, but the motto in every project listed in the front that is safety first.