Looking at the Tough Woman Behind Freeport’s Gold Mining Truck Steering

Great strides Indonesia Government acquired the Freeport was indeed need a thumbs up. Thanks to the hard work of the Government of Indonesia and relevant parties some time ago Indonesia is finally getting a majority stake of PT Freeport of 51%. This acquisition marked the Head Of Agreement signing with PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium with PT Freeport Indonesia in the Ministry of finance, Thursday (12/7/2018).

This time we are not going to discuss about the achievement and success of Government in an era of euphoria President Joko Widodo but rather explore the other side of the internationals working in mines of PT. Freeport.

There is a unique story about the mine workers of Freeport, namely the story of the women who work behind the wheel of a large truck carrier materials quarry in the depths of the Earth. In the year 2016 alone there are a total of 23 women who become a driver in a gold mine of freeport.

Known for work as a driver of a truck bearing a huge Haul hauling 230 tons of fuel consumption of 150 litres/hour, the driver get the salary of Rp 20 million per month excluding other allowances. These figures may look great, but in fact the risk expertise and becoming one of the huge salary consideration.

As labor, both women as well as men are indeed the same have the same rights to a decent life mempreloleh. Work is one way that can be taken to search for a decent life.

If the reference to the rules and legal protections that apply in all Indonesia workers in Indonesia generally have legal protection. The legal protection listed in article 35 paragraph (3) of Act No. 13 year 2003.

The article contains about employment, an employer in hiring labor required to provide protection includes welfare, safety, good health and mental or physical labor.

At times such as the current presumption women only at home and take care of children has indeed stale. Women began to play a role in the various sectors of life, even in some sectors such as to the region and the leadership of a company or institution women started taking the role as a step forward the emancipation of women.

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