A total of 8 million, Only 700 Thousand Construction Workers Certified

The Ministry of public works and Housing said that there is sekitat 8 million workers in the sector of the construction industry labour and only 700 thousand workers who until now it’s been officially certified.

“Labor in Indonesia approximately 8.1 million construction labour force, but who has a certificate more or less only 700 thousand,” unjar the Director General of the Ministry of Construction PUPR Bina Sharif Burhanuddin kala became speaker in Festival events Safety and health Work in the old town, Jakarta, Saturday (28/4) quoted from cnnindonesia.

Men are familiar is called Sharif this mention that number 70 percent of the nearly 8 million construction workers average only graduates of elementary and JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL and above, for a number of construction workers only 30 percent.

See this condition is indeed arguably concern, already deeply ingrained assumption for the society only low educated workers of Indonesia indeed became one of the main factors in addition to indeed mostly worked as Indonesia community a construction laborer was the community down.

In addition other conditions are highlighted by the Ministry of public works and Housing also mentions that the Indonesia TKI working overseas mostly have low skill because not get maximum training.

“Auxiliary Personnel sent abroad was 32 percent. This is amazing. There is indeed a special power roughly 18 percent. So approximately 1.6 million, “said Sharif.

In the era of the reign of President Joko Widodo indeed infrastructure development continued in various areas was encouraged and this could open opportunities as labour construction.

It makes a variety of construction labour conditions into the spotlight by various parties, not to mention some cases related to construction workers of Indonesia who work in neighboring countries such as Malaysia. Ministry of PUPR get Word from the authority authorized in Malaysia that many construction workers from Indonesia who returned home before the construction project is completed.

This incident made the labor shortage Malaysia construction and most importantly can make workers ‘ views on construction of Indonesia not professional work. The future is indeed required an active role coaching and guidance to construction workers working in both domestic and working abroad in order to be able to work in a professional, certified and have the skill.

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