Workers Must Know: Fines Violators K3 Offered Up

The Ministry of Employment (Kemnaker) plans to issue the related policies violations fines quantity increase the implementation of safety standards, health, and safety (K3).

Supervisory Director Norm K3 Kemenaker Prakoso Herman Hidayat said this policy of sanctions fines work accident during this refers to law No 1/1970 of safety. In the ACT the fines must be paid only Rp 100,000 or jail 4 months, this quantity is reasonably current is too small so much that started to ignore safety and occupational health (K3).

K3 will be fine reference modified along with the revision of Act No. 13/2013 of Employment. Quantity of fines on the proposed LAW revision will be far greater deterrent effect and so become a top priority for the company let alone that does not implement the HSE or even negligent caused accidents.

“Law No. 1/1970 was indeed too light for its preventative. Flight sanctions later to the labor law, criminal about 2-4 years, a fine of Rp200 million-Rp400 million. It is now still being processed (a revision of the rules of ACT 13 years 2013) so that the HSE to the attention of the company, “he said, (17/7/2018).

To date, advanced Herman, the HSE has not been much concern either side of entrepreneurs as well as the side of the workers. One example is the K3 complaint received by Kemenaker is still inadequate for the problems of K3.

The application of accident and occupational health (K3) is already a company needs in the midst of technological developments. Especially over the past year there are 123,000 cases of accidents in Indonesia. This number can be increased if this sort of thing isn’t done revamping and awareness for the company or the workers.

“The highest work accident Figures at the time of the return trip or go work amounted to 35%, then the second largest construction workers had an accident because of the altitude,” said Herman.

See this problem some time ago Kemnaker had just done a revision of K3 with Employment Minister issued Regulation No. 5 of the year 2018.

Candy Number Employment 5 year 2018 is at once a previous regulations revoke namely Candy Labour No. 7 in 1964 about the conditions of health, Hygiene And Lighting in the workplace and the regulation of the Minister of manpower and transmigration No. 13 years 2011 about the value threshold of physical and chemical Factors in the workplace.